How to replace the axle on a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

by Jim Cho 13. June 2010 14:53

This weekend, I decided to replace the axle on my 1997 Pathfinder SE 4WD.  This is actually my second axle replacement.  I replaced the first axle a month ago due to a ripped CV boot.  Although the other axle was still OK, I decided to keep both sides of the car in balance by replacing the second axle since it had over 180km on it.  A new axle is only about $95 at including shipping, so it is really inexpensive.  I decided to document all of the steps in case others wanted to attempt this. More...

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Automotive Repair

Welcome to my blog

by Jim Cho 13. June 2010 04:11

I decided to finally start a blog today.  Though there are a tonne of available blog sites available on the Internet.  I decided to host one myself, just because it's fun to do.  It also give me complete control overy my blog.  I found this blog engine at  I picked it because it looks excellent and is written in ASP.Net, which I'm also familiar with.

So, happy blog reading!

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