Instruments seems to hang under Xcode 4.1 in OS X Lion

by Jim Cho 2. October 2011 08:27

[Update: This problem has been fixed with Xcode 4.2 for Lion. Please download the latest version.]

There appears to be a common bug with Instruments under OS X Lion. You start Profiler, select a profile such as "Leaks", and click the profile button. But instead of running as you would expect, the timer starts, but nothing else is responsive. You can't even close it without doing a forced quit. It appears to be a bug with Instruments.

One workaround that I've found is to simply double-tap the Instruments icon on the dock. That seems to wake it up and start the intrumentation.

Another work-aound noted in this bug-report is to command+tab out of intruments and back, but you'll have to do this twice.

Hope Apple gets this fixed soon.


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