How to fix the hot element indicator light on a Maytag ceramic range top

by Jim Cho 17. June 2010 16:52

A few months ago, the indicator lights that warn of hot stove elements had stopped working. This had happened once before while the stove was still under warranty, and was repaired with a service call. Since it is now well past it’s warranty period, I attempted to fix it myself. The Maytag model number for this range is MER5770ACW.

First, unplug the range or turn off the power to the range at the breaker panel.

Then, open the oven door and remove the 2 screw underneath the front at each side. You need a standard Phillips screwdriver for this.


With both screws removed, simply lift up the range top.


I immediately discovered what had happened.  The casing of the indicator lights got so hot, that it burned through one of the wires leading to the indicator.  The heat probably came from the oven, as there is a section with no insulation.

To fix this, I needed an extra piece of wire, since the burnt wire was no longer long enough.  I happened to have a piece of high temperature lamp wire in my scrap wire bag, so I spliced it in place using a couple of wire nuts.

Here is the repaired wiring.


When lowering the range top, be sure to arrange the wires so that they don’t sit on the indicator light casing.  Otherwise, you’ll just cook your wires again.  You may also want to cover it with a bit of insulation.

After closing the lid and putting back the screws, turn on the power to the range and test your heating elements.


What a relieve it is to have these warning lights working again.  The stove is no longer something to fear!

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