OhCASTra fails to start with no error message

by Jim Cho 12. October 2010 16:01

[Update: if you are having issues with OhCASTra, please uninstall it through the control panel and re-install the updated version from OhCASTra's website, as this article probably no longer applies].

What is it?

OhCASTra is a Internet based application which allows viewing of Korean TV shows and dramas.  It appears to be an Adobe Flash based media player.

The Problem

After purchasing an ASUS Essentio CS5111-AP008 media center computer for my father, specifically to play ohCASTra content on his TV, the one program that it did not run, was ohCASTra.  It appeared to install correctly, it just wouldn’t launch.  No error.  No splash screen.  Nothing.

Troubleshooting the issue

It’s incredibly difficult to find a solution when there is no error message.  Googling did me little good since I don’t read Korean.  I tried using procmon to determine the cause, but all I could find was that it appeared to quit on its own before displaying its splash screen.  So I tried:

Launched Ohcastra….. and NOTHING :(

This program works on all other computers that I have, including a netbook, so this was getting very frustrating.

The Solution

I finally resolved the problem by installing Silverlight, which is Microsoft’s competitor to flash player development.  Even though the current player still appears to be flash based, it looks like the developers may be experimenting with Silverlight.

I’m quite surprised that Silverlight wasn’t included in one of the Windows Updates, since I installed them all, even the optional updates.

So there you go.  If you are experiencing the same problem, try installing Silverlight.

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