Instruments seems to hang under Xcode 4.1 in OS X Lion

by Jim Cho 2. October 2011 08:27

[Update: This problem has been fixed with Xcode 4.2 for Lion. Please download the latest version.]

There appears to be a common bug with Instruments under OS X Lion. You start Profiler, select a profile such as "Leaks", and click the profile button. But instead of running as you would expect, the timer starts, but nothing else is responsive. You can't even close it without doing a forced quit. It appears to be a bug with Instruments.

One workaround that I've found is to simply double-tap the Instruments icon on the dock. That seems to wake it up and start the intrumentation.

Another work-aound noted in this bug-report is to command+tab out of intruments and back, but you'll have to do this twice.

Hope Apple gets this fixed soon.


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How to setup server side printing in ASP.NET 4.0 using Crystal Reports

by Jim Cho 26. September 2011 07:32

You are trying to print in ASP.NET on a printer setup on the server using Crystal Reports. This could be a network or IP printer. The code you use might look like this simplified version:

using (ReportDocument rptDoc = new ReportDocument())
    rptDoc.PrintToPrinter(1, true, 0, 0);

Note that if a printer name is not specified (with PrintOptions.PrinterName), it should still print to the default printer. When you explicitly setting the printer name with PrinterOptions.PrinterName results in the same printer not found errors.

This seems to work fine when you run it from your development machine, but after you deploy your application to the server, it no longer works. The server Event Log shows an exception like the following: More...

Getting used to reverse (natural) scrolling in OSx Lion...

by Jim Cho 12. September 2011 15:12

I was introduced to scroll bars back in the days of Windows 3.1. I remember feeling kind of disoriented by having to move the scroll-bar down for the page to scroll up. I thought that it should be the other way around. I wanted the scroll-bar to be like a handle for the page, a narrow strip which was part of the page, and move it exactly as if you were gripping the page. More...

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How to limit your child’s COD addiction

by Jim Cho 9. September 2011 18:26

So you’ve allowed your pre-teen or early teen child to play Call-of-duty (COD), even though it’s rated mature.  Now you’re regretting it because that’s all your child does, every waking moment, plugged into the game with his headset. Lost in a world that essentially becomes their reality. And now you’re regretting it. More...

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OhCASTra fails to start with no error message

by Jim Cho 12. October 2010 16:01

[Update: if you are having issues with OhCASTra, please uninstall it through the control panel and re-install the updated version from OhCASTra's website, as this article probably no longer applies].

What is it?

OhCASTra is a Internet based application which allows viewing of Korean TV shows and dramas.  It appears to be an Adobe Flash based media player.

The Problem

After purchasing an ASUS Essentio CS5111-AP008 media center computer for my father, specifically to play ohCASTra content on his TV, the one program that it did not run, was ohCASTra.  It appeared to install correctly, it just wouldn’t launch.  No error.  No splash screen.  Nothing. More...

Building the Ultimate Budget PC

by Jim Cho 4. September 2010 06:54

My 78 year-old father recently called me saying that his computer had stopped working.  He lives on Vancouver Island and I’m on the mainland, so I’m not able to assist him in person. So he called the geek squad and they came over and told him his hard drive was dead and that it would be $250 for them to replace it. More...

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Fixing controller sensitivity in DiRT with Logitech Rumblepad 2 Controllers

by Jim Cho 15. June 2010 13:19

I recently purchased a Codemasters racing game pack from Steam which included DiRT, DiRT 2, FUEL, GRID, and ToCA Race Driver 3.  I love Steam.  They have great sales and they never run out of stock.  Just buy, download, and run.  And you can never lose your games. More...

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